Friday, 2 November 2012

Amsterdam Part 2

(the hooks on top of the buildings are used to get furniture in and out as the stairs are so hellish, narrow and steep)

Amsterdam film! I thought I'd start off with the most Amsterdam-esque photos I took!

Amsterdam highlights
-seeing The Tattoo Museum (thanks to a recommendation from Hayley on twitter)
-my boyfriend having a good sense of direction so I didn't have to think much
-the canals
-the architecture
-having five euro pizza for breakfast
-finding cute cheap ass jewellery stores
-the floating flower market! Great for taking photos of weirdly beautiful flowers and buying cheap cactus' (six in all)
-visiting an independent windmill brewery (Ijwit) instead of the Heineken experience all thanks to an awesome taxi driver
-the weather, clear skies both days!

not so highlights

-there was so much construction going on! I'm not sure whether this is a constant thing there but it obstructed beautiful views 30% of the time
-trying to find our hotel in the dark after being dropped off by a taxi in the wrong place

All in all a really great trip! I'll be recovering this week and then Friday I'm visiting my best friend at her uni in Bath! If you know of anything especially cool to do , tweet me!

P.S Happy seventeenth birthday to my two (twin) brothers, Lewis & Elliott!

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