Sunday, 3 February 2013

Recent Adventures

So here's a decent update on my life. I got the internship at the Apartment (run by the lovely Abi Marvel) that I applied for! I'll be helping out during LFW and I'm so very excited. I was worried after umm-ing a few too many times in the internview but woo!

I tweeted UK fashion intern about being a photographer and needing models, etc and they re-tweeted me. I received one particularly awesome email offering me a few photos in an exhibition soon in Brick Lane!

I had a shoot with Anna the day before yesterday, lugged round two huge bags of clothes/props, two super-sized bunches of flowers, my own bag and many many cameras but it was worth it (second photo is a bit of a preview). The third and fourth photo are of the lovely Emma! From a shoot a few weeks ago in a wood that I'm particularly fond of. Fifth is self explanatory. Sixth includes a few birthday goodies I bought myself (the bra was £3 from H&M and the Ortigia oil was £5 reduced from £30 odd!). Seventh and eighth are from my birthday meal with my mum. We went to Burger and Lobster in London and as you can see we ordered one lobster and one burger to share (both perfect for different reasons), they were £20 each (there are only three items on the menu, your other option is a lobster roll, saw a few around the restaurant and they looked heavenly). Definitely recommend, drinks weren't too expensive either but be careful what you pick, £9 is too expensive to get something fancy that you don't end up liking (ala my mum). We went to see the Tim Walker exhibition and had a shop too. I spent yesterday with my boyfriend's nan, aunt, uncle and bab. I had a great time. My boyfriend gave me a bit of a worried look as I was coo-ing over the baby a bit too much but he needn't worry. Every day I learn something new about him (bear in mind I've known him since I was fourteen) and it's the same situation with his family, some of the most profound people I've ever met.

Hope you're good.