Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blackberry, Apple and Almond Loaf Recipe

So I've been playing baker for a few months now. I have a lot of second hand recipe books but all of these were found on google. In summary. My first time was an oreo cake...

...I remember it fondly and it inspired me to try more things. Victoria sponge...

Other chocolate cakes, one with oil which didn't work out well. Made a marble cake, awesome...

Perfected my chocolate cake (melt purely the big bar of malteesers teasers for a great icing)...

Choco swiss roll (thank you cadbury)

Found a huge heap of blackberries growing in the back garden, pondered what I could do with them. I was inspired by Olivia's raspberry recipe but didn't have the correct cake tin. I googled a similar thing but to cook in a loaf tin. I found this recipe. To stop rambling on, here's my recipe for blackberry, apple and almond loaf. I love taking parts from one recipe and making it work for other ingredients. If you are an amateur baker, this is for you. The first time I attempted it I took it out too early, pierced and the knife was gloopy. In a panic, I cry and put it back in the oven. I take a deep breath and leave it for another ten minutes, out it comes perfectly. Phew.

You will need...
-two cooking apples (I had four and made crumble too)
-150 g butter
-150 g caster sugar
-150 g self raising flour
-50 ml milk
-150g blackberries (but any sort of berry will work)
-2 eggs
-vanilla essence (optional- I like the taste)
-60 g ground almonds (optional- I've found you can use much less flour by adding this. If remove add 50g more self raising) -blackberry jam (optional)

serves: 6 generous portions
time: 15 mins prep + 50 mins cooking

How to...
-Grease loaf tin with a bit of butter
-Melt 30g butter in a pan and add in peeled and sliced apples, leave to cook for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Add a few drops of vanilla essence, stir, sprinkle over 30g ground almond and check the texture. Cook on low heat until soft. Leave to cool.
-Cream (mash together) 150g butter and 150g sugar together in a bowl (if you don't have an electric mixer this bbc instructional video is helpful)
-Add milk, still beating
-Whisk two eggs and a bit of vanilla essence seperately and slowly beat in to mixture
-Fold in (how to fold bbc video) 150g self raising flour and 30g ground almond
-Arrange accordingly in a loaf tin (alternatively make in a muffin/cake/within reason anything will work tin). I did three big dollops of mixture , then carefully add apple mixture and blueberries and a blob of jam and then cover with more mixture

-Cook for approx 50 mins. Check at 45 and skewer test if you think it's ready.
-Leave to cool for 10 mins before transfering on to a cooling rack. I had leftover blackberries/apples so made a crumble using an oat based topping (75g porridge oats, 100g melted butter and 50g brown sugar.