Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Me Time

These photos are from a shoot I had with Hannah Inggs (model), Louise Rebecca Thomas (stylist) and Leanne Hill (mua). If you like the dungarees check out my full collection in another blog post here! An incredible photographer (Cashman) gave me some advice two months ago and I'd like to share it. It inspired me a lot.
Me 2 months ago
"Hi! Your bio includes all of my favourite photographers and your portfolio is absolutely incredible. Please consider letting me come along to a shoot and assisting you.
Cashman 2 months ago
"Hi. I'm flattered you like my work. The TF models I shot at the weekend hated it haha. Never going to work with glamour wannabes again. Lol.
To be honest I wouldn't make much of a mentor as I'm still finding my way myself. If I could give you any advice it would be this... Buy a studio light that you can attach a reflector with a grid on it. Learn how light things with one light.
Then shoot the most fashion looking models you can. Get decent makeup on them. If you can't find a stylist to dress them, shoot them nude with jewellery (not lingerie). Bad clothes= bad fashion photo. Get a team together. The more people going a good job on your shoot the better your work will become. The best work needs s team. Learn some photoshop retouching. Google julia kuzmenko.
Go for it hard. I've only been shooting models since March. This is what I've learned since then.
As you are a girl.. Self portraits are an excellent option to learn. Get a remote shutter for your camera."