Saturday, 19 October 2013

Strawberry, White Chocolate and Oat Cake

So I was looking for something sweet to make with strawberries and came across this recipe. I altered it slightly so I could make a cake instead. It's delicious and I'm only a lil bit smug.

You will need...
-250 ml buttermilk
-100g oats
-175g brown sugar
-50g butter
-1 egg
-125g self raising flour
-a handful of strawberries (cut in half)
-a handful of white chocolate (broken in to little pieces)

serves: 8 generous portions
time: 10 mins prep + 60 mins cooking

How to...
-Preheat your oven to 160 celcius
-Line your sandwich tin of choice with greasproof paper
-Mix 250ml buttermilk and 100g oats together with a fork and put aside
-Cream 175g brown sugar and 50g butter (with an electric mixer for ease)
-Beat in 1 egg
-Add oat mixture, still beating
-Fold in 125g self raising flour
-Add half of the mixture in to your sandwich tin, scatter a layer strawberries and white chocolate then cover with more mixture
-Cook for 50 mins and skewer test if you think it's ready. If not, give it another 8 minutes.
-Leave on side for 10 mins before transfering to a cooling rack
-Eat asap