Monday, 4 November 2013


Me made up recently for a shoot as model didn't turn up

Kitty lorelei (after Gilmore!)

Making tomato soup from this years harvest (definitely doing the same next year, this is a small portion of the tomatoes we got from a £2 packet of seeds)

A few more things from the garden. This year I definitely took advantage of the blackberry bush in the garden, this again is a small glimpse of how much produce we harvested. I can't recommend growing your own fruit/vege enough, tastes completely different and isn't washed in bleach (some supermarkets do this)

Mmm my boyfriend's pork pie

Rhubarb, apple and walnut lattice. A favourite to do with pastry. For the base filling (which you can mix with anything, I'm doing chocolate today) I worked from this key lime pie recipe mixing three egg yolks and condensed milk, then add your chosen ingredient and bake for 20 mins.
Sausage, rice and cheese stuffed peppers cooked in a tomatoey kidney bean sauce with rice and sausage meat stuffing (made by boyf chris)
Seriously these brownies. The most perfect breakfast brownies ever (based on this recipe I then added a cup of flaxseed and crushed walnuts).