Sunday, 10 November 2013

Show Me Your Sketchbook Sunday

"My name is amanda siegelson (check out her blog here) and I live and work in the most wonderful, vibrant city in america, new york. I'm an old, especially compared to most of the people on your blog. but i am still inspired by others and compelled to supplement my ordinary job working at a university by creating beauty where i can. i do that via painting, drawing, jewelry making and, most recently, baking. but while baking is yummy and jewelry is great, since you can wear what you've made, drawing and painting is both where i started and where my heart really lies.

over the years, i've both worked like mad and gone long stretches without producing anything. but usually, when i see a photo i love, it sparks a need deep inside to recreate it as closely as possible. more often than not, that photo will have something connected to the 1960s/mod period or look. recently, i've been in an ultra-productive groove and what i'm both excited and amazed by is that i feel that i've truly progressed in my outcomes. that means, even at a later stage in life, one can still grow. how thrilling is that! "

If you're a sketchbooker I'd love to feature you, take six or more photos and send to Have a good week!