Saturday, 25 January 2014

Turning 21

The day before yesterday was my 21st birthday! Happy very belated new year all and I apologise you haven't heard from me. I hadn't posted in such a while I wanted the next update to be self indulgent, reflective and about me me me but I haven't had a chance to take any new photos, so here's a flashback. Newer content coming soon!

from left to right: chris and I in matching jumpers at Christmas 2013, me in an age of reason scarf shoot, me at whistles press event, me and Rhiann, me with wine, me shooting in various rain and woods and train station, me at the beach, me eating a burger, me me me, dog, kitty, one from bottom right me interning looking exhausted during LFW (chris took the week off to look after me)

Last year has been a good one and I'm only hoping for better this year. Going from bedbound, in and out of hospital to where I am now I feel very lucky. I've grown up, become much more independent and have blogged throughout. It's been a huge outlet for me and I've let it slip a bit as I have had more energy to do other things and been overwhelmed with the possibilities. The world is my oyster etc etc. This year I'm going to take full advantage.
I love food. Eating fresh vege/fruit, eggs and butcher meat has changed my body and brain. No lecture but they found horse in supermarket meat. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. WHY? At a local supermarket "butcher" they had a nice photo of a farm but no idea where the meat actually came from when I asked. Talk about dumb. Until I can afford luxury freshly churned butter (or a cow!) sadly I'll have to suck it up sometimes for butter/bread. Tweet me @hiven if you have any recipes or food tips! I want to try new things, I always go back to old faithful chocolate flaxseed brownies and my other half produces a delicious apple, lychee and hazelnut shortcrust pastry pie! Note to self keep it fresh.
Also... apple cider vinegar, virgin coconut oil and hemp oil are great. Both of my nan's suffer/ed from alzheimer's, there's been studies that virgin coconut oil helps (triglycerides?). Check out these videos if you're interested. I have no use for vitamin pills anymore as my body's getting everything it needs naturally.
Talking of natural, I love nature. I absolutely love photoshoot-ing outside. When I was only able to go out on a rare occasion my mum would wheel me through the park and all the colours looked so vivid. I still see it that way and hope to always.
Recently a dog has been introduced in to my life! First ever and he's called Mitchell and I love him.

This year I hope to:
Appreciate everything
Learn something new every day
Dedicate a few hours a week to learning HTML
Read more (I love Sebastian Faulks and Sarra Manning, any recommendations tweet me @hiven)
Put on weight and continue doing daily yoga. Youtube is a great resource, Yogi Nori and Duncan Yoga.
Write, blog and share more (I have no excuse finally having a working phone)
Get beauty sleep
Photography wise, keep on shooting and find a local stylist
Save £££ so I can travel more (I dream about travelling across America, when I was much younger we had family holiday's in Monterey, Boston and San Francisco)
Learn how to make my own clothes
Garden more

That's about it folks! Congratulations if you got to the end. I love y'all.