Sunday, 13 April 2014

Me Time

I've finally got some life in me, hello! First photo is me in Anna's garden after raiding her wardrobe, second on a cold shoot, third apple nd lemon curd pie with handmade pastry! The days are getting longer anyway and I'm ready for a sunny adventure. I lost a lot of weight over winter but after having the first bbq of the year the other day I hope I'll be the size of a house and my boyfriend will have to wash me with a stick soon enough. I've stuck to most of my resolutions, apart from the saving money but hell I'm trying to be productive. Trying to figure out how to deal with all my pains but keeping up with the daily yoga is helping. Lots of love, hope your year's got off to a great start! I'm currently gardening to my heart's content, I recommend planting a few seeds yourself! Tomatoes, sweetcorn and strawberries are among my favourite.