Sunday, 7 December 2014

2015 Calendar

So while I'm in bed with tonsillitis I thought I'd blog about looking forward. 2015 is going to be huge and I'm determined to blog regularly again. Currently using an iPad, those who always blog from an iPad I salute you, it's not been so easy. Anyway. I'm not the best with keeping my calendar pages turned over, it's been March 2013 in my house for a while now. I remember as a kid getting so excited for the new calendar, browsing the stalls each year realising again and again you really can get any theme. I even made a few for grandparents, you know the type ,you peel off the sticky bit and add your own special photo (my 'photography' at 13 for every month must have got old). So here are a few of my favourites for the year ahead, all from eBay and so reasonably cheap I'm tempted to get two. Also look up Simon's cat on yt if you're not familiar (and while you're there look up Whack A Kitty- cutest cat vid ever) my favourite home tutor introduced me to the phenomenon eight years ago. Time really flies.