Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bloggers to Watch in 2015

So it's nearly 2015, I can't quite believe a year has gone so fast! Here's a selection of my favourite bloggers to watch and have a good nosey while still in your PJS (I hope, I'm writing this in my dressing gown either way). These are in no particular order, like children I love them all the same. I've forgotten a few too (sorry). If you haven't started a blog yet, make it your new years resolution to do so! Everyone has one nowadays. My top tip, take lots of photos of yourself and include your face whether you think it's horrendous or not. Personal blogs need personality and relatability, I don't feel that if I can see your outfit but not you. Also, relax your hands. Get a domain eventually. Make silly faces. Also, make sure all of your photos are the same size (the following are not, hope you can understand) and not forgetting HAVE FUN.
My top 23 Bloggers to watch in 2015!

Jasiminne at posh, broke & bored

b/c I envy her entire life and her photography is top notch

Rebecca of it's cohen

b/c she can drink Rosé like a real Essex gal

Emma of elw photography

b/c her fashion photography is incredible and I love her behind the scenes pics

Catherine at not dressed as lamb

b/c I want to look half as good as her in ten years

Laura at hearts of sand

b/c she's inspiring and loves photography as much as I do

Amy at the little magpie

b/c she's my all time girl crush and calls me amigo

Deano at south coast

b/c maybe my all time favourite travel photography blogs

Cat at take courage

b/c she's a top lawyer and babe

Ams at la la land

b/c I want her to be my best friend

Ariel at artfully awear

b/c she blows my mind with each post

Philippa at coco skies

b/c she's an amazing illustrator and person

Alexys at fashion bater

b/c she's a super mum, stylist and all around babe

Grandy at style grande

b/c she's only 16 and I love her

Laura at pony hunter

b/c she's a massively inspiring photographer and beauty

Katie at scarphelia

b/c her writing is out of this world

Elle at next door

b/c she's a total babe

Siobhan at the beauty baker

b/c I only just discovered her blog and I love her

Chelsea at cj loves

b/c her hair is perfect

India at touchscreens and beauty queens

b/c her personal style and beauty reviews are divine

Beth at Norton

b/c she's my no2 girl crush

Amber at feeling vague

b/c she's my favourite actually gal with edge

Crissy at dainty fawn

b/c simply, she's awesome

Fabliha and Tasfia at inside in inside out

b/c they're my all time favourite style blog who've been reliably blogging for years!

That's it folks. Thanks if you've got this far. I've enjoyed putting this together, HAPPY NEARLY NEW YEAR. BE GOOD.
My giveaway has finished but stay tuned for another later today!