Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Year Giveaway

(including two pairs of tights, terry's chocolate orange, choco buttons, fox socks, xmas socks, drink up intense over night mask by origins, origins samples, impulse body spray, various hotel chocolat ,lindt bears, hot drinking chocolate bar, pig earrings, marc buy marc jacobs rose gold bracelet)

So in time for the new year I thought I'd host another giveaway. After winning two giveaways myself I know what a nice feeling it is and I love giving! One big winner and one runner up will win the MBMJ bracelet.
This time you have to be a follower on either twitter (@hiven), bloglovin (hivennn), blogger (click) or facebook (hivenj) . The more you follow and share/RT/reblog/heart on bloglovin the extra entries you get.
And email with your new year resolution and where you're following/other entries. Giveaway will close 5 January 2015.

Thank you so much for all your entries to my other giveaway! I was blown away, loved and laughed at so many answers. Congratulations to Christine Bateman (her worst present was a pair of kids pj bottoms and she's over 60) for winning the bag, runners up Kayti Scott (a toilet roll phone holder from her grandy who said it was free and much more practical than a phone case) and Stephanie Burchatt (the year she was pregnant everyone bought her wine, this year she could drink and hasn't been given any alcohol!).

I've loved seeing everyone's turkey leftover reinventions! My other half made soup from pigs in blankets, half a turkey, mushrooms and onion!
Also, a great present I got from my pa, Texts from Dog by October Jones!

And from my mam a cactus highlighter pen and cat mini candles!

Lots of love, hope you've had a great holiday and good luck! Wish I could make you all winners.