Monday, 22 December 2014


first outfit crop top- chi chi clothing skirt- Glamorous #GLAMSANTA coat and tights- Topshop white booties and all jewellery - vintage
second outfit crop top- chi chi clothing coat and tights- Topshop dungarees- vintage wedges- Sam Edelman via shopbop (they're old and I love them but they're so badly designed for practical walking, maybe it's just me not being used to a wedge that's back heavy but I stumbled quite a few times)

So I haven't done one of these in a good while! (15th June to be exact) How in the ell did that happen? Well chronic illness and personal issues took over. I've missed blogging so much and I always intend to do so regularly, the balance was definitely lost over the past half year and I endeavour to make that right again. So what's up! This is what I'm wearing. I thought I'd 'style' the top two ways as I rather love it. I also bought the matching skirt which I'll try to photograph soon. I really like the sweet bow back detail and it's elasticated and has a little boob padding which is nice for gals with little'uns like me but not too much to make it off putting if you're better off in the boob department. Anyway.

I've got to mention Larkin and Larkin, the merman pouring water ring is thanks to her! She has the cutest instagram feat Brutus her dog and many more of her amazing crystal and wool creations! The silver onyx ring is specially made by Silver Blueberry.

I also HAVE to link to this amazing interview I read today with Isadora Kosofsky on Vice. Totally heart wrenching but so deep. Read the whole thing. Be prepared to feel. One of my nan's died of alzheimer's and my mum's mum, Mary is currently in restbite care, which was meant to be for two weeks but will hopefully turn in to forever. Alzheimer's is so tricky. Take lots of coconut oil while you're young. Watch Dr Newport's work and generally research the connection. It's fascinating.

So anyway today didn't start off great, woke up stupid early with stupid tummy pain. Then discovered I'd won two giveaways!! Thank you to Mr and Mrs Unique and Carabella for making my day so so much brighter. I'm finally drunk on non-alcoholic holiday spirit. Christmas eve is going to be especially special. I've also been enjoying sending snail mail recently. I swear I'm now a giving is better than receiving person! I've sent quite a few poorly pals care packages now. Tweet me @hiven if you'd like one!

Also, Zoella's 'book'. I've seen lots of amazingly worded bloggers go to town about it but Libby is by far my favourite, check out her blog and very clever dissection
Books that I do like and have been reading include "No Angel: An Undercover Journey to the Heart of the Hells Angels" by Jay Dobyns. An interesting read I first found a few years ago after first watching SONS OF ANARCHY. Omg. Last season. Don't even. I've now nearly finished "Hell's Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club" which is really good. Stick with it, it talks about motorbikes a lot at the start but gets juicy towards the end. About RICO and his various marriages and it's just nice and kinda inspiring. Apart from the glorifying of crime I loved it. If you're not in to Sons of Anarchy as much as I am I love Unsticky and All the diary of a crush series and pretty things by Sarra Manning. Sebastian Faulks for a deep read. George Orwell if you want an education. The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by The Dalai Lama. I loved Russell Brand's interview with The Dalai Lama. If you don't like Russell Brand here's a video of him being pushed in a fountain and screaming like a girl. I'm on the fence of love with him.

So yeah I hope you have a great holiday season and I hope to see y'all around here real soon. Lastly, here's the cutest video of 13 dogs and 1 kitty eating christmas dinner with human hands!!!!!