Monday, 5 January 2015

Beauty Review- Ayurveda Pura daily replenish face cream

The ladies and gentlemen at Ayurveda Pura sent me their daily replenish face cream to review. This was indeed a gift and my opinion stays true, if it's crap I'd tell you...but it wasn't! The smell hit me first about this cream, so luxurious. It's got a really rich feel on your skin but rubs in easily and goes really far, no stickiness. It has a reassuring moistness to it and very quickly turns to a soft skin feeling with no residual moisture to the skin. It is clear to the touch skin that has been moisturised by it and skin that hasn't! I'd definitely recommend it to those with sensitive skin, mine had no reaction. Ayurveda’s principle is ‘Everything you put on your skin should be safe enough to put on your tongue’. We simply treat the skin for what it is, an organ, the largest organ of the body. So all of their cosmetics are free of parabens, SLS, petrochemicals and artificial perfumes, they only use 100% natural ingredients. Reasonably priced at £29 I'll be buying another pot when this one runs out.