Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dolls Kill and Lily Lolo Makeup Haul

I'm not normally one to get a big haul of stuff but Dolls Kill had my love last month! Sadly took them a month to deliver (kinda for a good reason) and charged £14 customs but whatever, that's in the past, I'm so glad it's here! I got the Legendairy bag for my best friend, the snowman jumper for a different best friend, vending machine dress for me, cat salt and pepper butt shakers, get bombed shot glasses for my bro, melly rainbow top and two pairs of cute socks!
I also love Lily Lolo, bought a load of sample foundations and found my perfect colour! Their eyeshadows are an incredible pigment too. I was a bit nervous trying powders with my dry skin but I had no problem whatsoever!

AND how cute is this cookie I won thanks Mr and Mrs Unique!