Sunday, 6 December 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

Festive themed
pinup tee little red dress, christmas lights necklace , snoopy jumper, benefit set cheapest I've found at John Lewis, santa jumper, alan p jumper


kitty mug, cactus duvet, anything from Age of Reason bitch ring, naughty list christmas jumper, Lush winter garden gift set, Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette , Sarra Manning's new book After the Last Dance (amazon), kitten rain baseball shirt .


jack nlack beard grooming set (available on amazon and a bunch of other places). I can't resist the blue. pig tee
becoming a synthesiser wizard, terry pratchett disc world collection, danny wallace (amazon), the walking dead injured pop, bo burnham egg head, awesome toy car that climbs walls!! merry liftmas .

not feeling it?
Well check out red bubble, magazine subscription etsy , firebox, gig tickets, a meal out or something hand made!