Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 Game Plan

Dear internet, my name is Jazzy and I've been seriously slacking with the updates in 2016 b/c I was busy with college, healing myself, networking, eventually meetin g a super lovely guy, making new friends, seeing bands, photographing what i want to instead of what actually makes me money and generally mucking around and causing shenanigans.

So yes, on to the game plan. My five step list to suceeding this year...
1) Nail down my niche: find what really works for me and whether it appeals to the wider audience
2) Find my official passion: photography or horticulture or a mix of both?
3) Stay friendly, not bitter
4) Make money
5) Make happiness.

Top three resolutions
1) Stop smoking
2) Find ways to stop dislocations and general agony of day to day living
3) Learn something new every day.