Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mental Health Awareness

I think it was back in September actual Mental Health awareness month was but I just wanted to do a small post regarding mental health awareness in general... We're nearly in March and it's been two years two months since a close friend killed himself. I feel every month should be Mental Health awareness month...2017 is a tough year. 2016 was tough. Winter is hard for some people, on a person note last summer I was super depressed. Wouldn't have thought in summer I'd feel like that but I just couldn't shake it at the time. It took a few major changes in my life (environmental- quit job & college, changed group of friends) to lift the severe depression I struggled with.

So yeah lots of love to those in need, talk to someone! I promise it helps...for 9 months I cut all of my friends off, I made excuses, didn't talk to many people and it made my problem a million times worse.

A few photos...a preview from my next online publication. A photographer feature!

 Jacob and I in Wales, 2016 NYE.
 Luke and I @ Q ball recently.
 Elle in London Borough market!
Me, spring 2012. Can't wait for the blossom this year...
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