Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My Top Womanly Inspiration

Happy international women's day!! My material for this is unlimited, I know lots of inspiring women. From my Mum, to my Gran, to my Gran's Mum, my Dad's Mum, my Step-Gran Sally, I have a lot to work with on being an inspiring woman in my family. My Mum's Mum split from my G'dad and lived a strong, independent woman's life (as she wanted to live it) until she was moved in to a home. She was a huge part of the reason I got in to plants in the first place...she lived in a mostly rural part of Sussex and I remember going for walks and she'd name so many plants in latin. I had no idea how she could remember all those names at the time...but now I can do the same. I have so many great memories of holiday-ing at her house...there was a huge pond in the back garden where frogspawn would be, a swingball set, going to the beach, picnics, etc.
My Step-Gran was a nurse, I remember when I was twelve and first getting symptoms of pain,exhaustion etc...she never told me it was in my head (like many drs I saw at the time said...lack of understanding/evidence 'in the mind' seems the easiest way to go for some) she always supported me and gave me kind advice.
My Mum is a rock for me, at one point looking after me and working part time, a very tricky balance with two other young children to take care of and a husband who worked a stressful job in London. She managed it though. Got us all through the tough times.
(photo of my mum and I- roughly eight years ago)

Anyway, enough about my family! When asking my Dad about his musical female inspirations...
"Pins, PJ Harvey, Dum Dum Girls and Goat Girl"
I'm very surprised he didn't include Cerys Matthews in this list. I also admire the girls from Let's Eat Grandma, I saw them perform at Visions festival and they seemed so nervous, I think they were 17 at the time...playing in front of at least a hundred people. They rocked. I also super admire Isabel Munoz-Newsome, the lead chick from Pumarosa, they performed at Visions too and she simply rocked. Like a mix of Courtney Love rock and Gwen Stefani chic but in her own unique right.
I gotta mention Sarra Manning too. My favourite author, when I was in hospital she sent me a signed copy of her book. I'd only messaged her to tell her how great she was and straight up she asked for my address. So sweet.

Now this chickadee will always have a special place in my heart! Chlay, started off as a penpal when we were twelve and eventually became real life pals! She's a massive inspiration to me in general, an awesome musician (check her out on spotify) and all around top lady!
(taken by me- a few years ago)

Also this stunning lass is Megan! Awesome babe-tastic female living in America stayed with me for a weekend while doing a nanny-ing thing in France! Even though she lives across the world I know if I needed her I could ask her advice on anythang.
(taken by me five odd years ago)

Ellen Von Unwerth I'd say is my favourite woman photographer!
And of course Einat Dan (makeup artist) was also a total babe when I met her, friendly and willing to give people just starting out really good advice. This photo was taken at a tutorial a few years ago...
(taken by me four years ago)

Lauren Laverne springs to mind too, I used to listen to her a lot on the radio and she kicked ass.

Charlie Craggs I feel very special to be a facebook friend of...she started Nail Transphobia which promotes trans rights and she launched a self defense class too.

So yeah. ♥  Have a great day.

Before I forget I'm going to do a dude post. Gotta share the love.