Monday, 22 January 2018

25th Birthday

Hello! Just below, me five years ago. Below again, my brothers and I roughly six years ago. I'm just reflecting on my life as it's my 25th birthday in an hour! To sound cliche, I feel like I've learnt a lot over this period of time. Even more so in the last five years...I've grown up a lot and got to grips with adulthood, depression, death, suicide, changing careers,etcetc. I won't bore you with the minor details. All of these things take a lot of getting used to but I definitely feel like I'm in a good place now (at least!). So, watch this space...I'll be back to natter about plants ASAP.

(above- me four years ago, below one year ago)
(Ladywell roughly a year ago)

(my mum and gran- below me at 17ish)