Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How Working Out Changed My Life

So I started with yoga and built up from there...joining a local gym at 18 and at my most physically fit stage going 5 days a week to 1 or 2 classes a day plus a run before the class. I loved it. Virgin gym is pretty good, from my experience it is quite expensive but in Essex I did 6 months for £40 a month. Not too bad considering up until 1 month ago I belonged to a gym in Lewisham and for again £40 a month it was pretty dirty, needed maintenance, struggled to keep classes running because not enough people attended and a shared sauna room. At Virgin men and women had separate facilities which I think is quite important. Considering how comfortable I am around men getting sweaty and occasional looks I expect a separate steam room for £40 a month.

ANYWAY considering my current condition I quit the gym and found I just needed to work out at home more. I use a bag of bike locks as a squat weight. Just as good as the gym bars really.

 Much better on my budget to just do it at home. And I "treat myself" by going on occasional bouldering days (Stockwell), booking a pole dancing class or two at Ecole De Pole (Camden, London) and cycling a lot with my boyfriend I find all contribute to my personal fitness. I feel I've always been lucky to have my Mum's genes, she's slim naturally like my Gran and her Mum prior to that. On my Dad's side, the fitness is strong with him and my Step Mum but my Gran was on the cuddly side. So I work every day towards keeping my fitness levels up.

I also garden for a job so that keeps me active every day (apart from when I'm signed off ill). It's hard but worth it. Depression or any depressive thoughts never come around when I work out day to day. My joints get stronger, I have hyper mobility so I've been in pain majority of my life (only recently been diagnosed with hype m not chronic fatigue syndrome which I was told I had at 13) but working out definitely helps.

What fitness routine do you have? I'm curious to know if anyone else out there suffers the same issues/any tips you might have. Either contact me on instagram or facebook.