Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Valentines Ideas

So for me I'd appreciate all the following...ideas for budget savvy buyers with any sort of budget (mine is pretty small)
this Valentino headband. I'm absolutely in love...at only £330 in the Net A Porter it's taking all my willpower not to buy it (bear in mind this costs more than a months rent of mine so very unlikely I'm getting this)

A session at the arch climbing will. Jacob and I went before and it's great fun...only problem I had was when I got to the top I felt like when a cat gets to the top of the tree and has no idea how to get down again.

Some bum bum cream

A few ideas I have for Jacob (I don't think he's an avid follower of my blog so I don't mind posting it)
Tickets to see a random band he likes
Tickets to see Flight of the conchords (that's mostly for me)
A new STIHL chain saw or FELCO secateurs
Chain saw merchandise
Anything tree related
A book I know he won't read unless I force him to listen to me read it (he hates reading)
An actual tree
Beard oil
Hand drawn tree card

Again please let me know if you have any ideas for partners! email hivenn@hotmail.com or facebook/instagram. Love.