Saturday, 15 September 2018

My Work Ethic

Helllo world! So today I thought I'd talk about the non-taboo subject of work! How hard do you think you work? To the best of your ability all the time? Or is your job so full on you're working full time but only at 60% capacity? This is what I found with my old breathers hard manual labour all day, in my condition for the past two months I've been off work but prior, if we're just talking the few weeks I was working after xmas...I was only about 40% capable. I was in pain a lot of the time. I'm not just talking period cramps...I'm talking severe agonising why am I not in bed/a bath pain...It wouldn't go for most of the day normally, only getting occasional 10 min 'normal' breaks where I could actually concentrate on my job.

SO yes... it's been hard. But now I'm working for myself somewhat...Trying to gather my thoughts and feelings on photography again. So far so good. I've completed two shoots, one in my garden which was easy enough, really photogenic model so I didn't have to figure out her angles (all angles are flattering on Sophie Brookes) and one in a forest w/ Jove Manikiza and Jacob. A new project is just what I needed to concentrate on when I feel I've lost some of my independence.

Thanks for listening. I just like glitter KK.
Jasmine x

 hat- beyond retro
 (the ohh god that's a chilly wind face)