Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Constant Pain and Heavy Bleeding Whilst Living Your Best Life: My Top Tips for Living With Endometriosis

Hi. I had an operation back in October for Endo (you can read more on my other blog posts about that whole messy ordeal). So just a quick warning, this is going to get graphic. If I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to spread awareness like I ALWAYS PREACH I DO TO MY MATES I need to come clean about some of the serious struggles I have day to day. Even writing this down on a laptop, please let me inform you, is PAINFUL. I'm rarely this honest with myself, I hide my pain with smiles and coffee and smoking. Humor is my go to, art is my friend, I'm a social being now which is nice as I like to be in the company of nice people whilst I'm suffering. But that's it, it might sound OVER-DRAMATIC to you, but to me this is my umm...life. This is my life. Laying on my bed today. So far TODAY my condition has caused me to call 111 and they're calling an ambulance because I've lost a fair amount of blood in the past two hours. So far in the LAST TWO MONTHS I've lost TWO JOBS. Because of my condition. TWO JOBS I loved with all my heart. Basically I'm a GARDENER right. You can interpret gardener however you want but working for Idverde I loved it. I did the hard landscaping side twice and my body couldn't physically cope with the stress. So the next company I worked for, I still loved but not naming them as it's kinda casting shade...they tried to put me on hardlandscaping- don't get me wrong I was a 'casual worker' basically trial week to test your stamina but me, I'd rather be honest about what I can't do. I'm not gonna pretend I can wheelbarrow gravel up and down a plank of wood on a steep staircase ALL DAY when I'm gonna collapse by 2pm. It's not good, it's not good WORK PRACTICE. I can do it...when I don't have constant heavy bleeding. It's not because I'm a WOMAN that I can't do it. It's because I need AN OPERATION. I'm amazed I havent' cursed so far and I've been somewhat articulate. This is breaking my spirit to be honest with you and I feel for ANY HUMAN OR ANIMAL OR EVEN PLANT with an invisible illness. Every day I love waking up but I never know how my body is going to be that day.
The next hour even. Anyway. Please contact me on various social medias instagram- elizabeth.jazzy email - hivenn@hotmail.com
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