Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Right me in 2015, left me in 2014. So since December 2017 I've been travelling down a deep dark hole of ovarian issues, fertility problems ,etc. It's been horrible. I'm feeling brighter about the whole situation now and I just wanted to share my final opinion on the subject.

A photo of me when I was 12...god I wish I could warn young me to get checked NOW. My DR's treatment of me has been poor to put it nicely. This started in Dec 2017 and it looks like I've been offered surgery september at the EARLIEST. The frustration I feel is unreal. I can't afford to go private and work wise this troubles me, I've been offered FOUR jobs, four lovely amazing perfect for me jobs but I can't accept them until after this surgery. Rant over on to the positivities!!

So I met my ex-partners boss Hamish last year (if you need tree work in south london contact them!) . cut above tree management. Hamish is a pro.

His friend gave me some great advice I hope she doesn't mind me sharing with you today!!
It seems there is no silver bullet and some things work brilliantly for some people, but not for others. However, there also seem to be some general rules: Endo is caused by an imbalance in hormones, specifically too much oestrogen. Something few people know is that there are several different types of oestrogen - some are beneficial and some are not. Your friend may already know all this, but it all came as news to me when I first started researching, and I'm still finding out more as I've recently been through early menopause (another Endo phenomenon often not talked about).

Here are some of the resources I found useful in my journey.
What your Doctor may not tell you about breast cancer by John R Lee M.D.
In fact, he's also written a couple of others that would be relevant:

Endometriosis by Dian Shepperson Mills
Dian used to work as an Endo-specialist Nurtitionist at the Hale Clinic in London.

Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish is a beautiful book with essential advice if you're trying to conceive naturally (or avoid conception actually too!). This became an absolute bible for me.

If you're ever interested in having kids and end up having to go down the IVF route, look up Alice Domar's work. Her take on IVF and her research about relaxation and increasing success with IVF is brilliant. I STILL listen to her guided meditations (which don't mention anything to do with fertility. I just love her voice :-)

Get on to Dr Dan Purser's website. He's an expert at Natural Progresterone. But has a very annoying American voice!

Support groups:
Endometriosis UK I went to a couple of their AGMs which had fantastic info sessions.

Endometriosis Association
They have a great e-newsletter and are usually the first to talk about trials and new treatments. I see they're now on FB too.

Alice Domar used to come to the UK through the Bridge Centre in London Bridge to do weekend workshops with people doing IVF. The support group that emerged from the weekend I spent there was integral, I believe, to me eventually becoming pregnant with our son Olli (who's now 10 :-)

Doctors: I went down the path of using Natural Progesterone cream. It's the only thing, apart from being on the Pill (but I didn't like the artificial hormones in that - they have a completely different chemical makeup to the natural or bioidential ones used in the creams and can have side-effects) that stopped my incessant and debilitating pain. If you go down the Natural or Bioidentical Progesterone route (the natural progesterone balances the excess oestrogen in your system) the do so under the guidance of a doctor. Just search online for Natural or Bioidentical Progesterone doctors. I used one that was in Ireland and did phone interviews :-)

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email. I wish you every luck in finding some relief from Endo. I had laparoscopies, IVF and even egg donation. I now have two beautiful kids 6 and 10, and am painfree not just because of menopause. I became pain free as soon as I discovered Nat Prog.

These issues are so important to me right now...please don't hesistate to get in contact or elizabeth.jazzy on instagram if you wanna add your opinion, I'd love to add other girls advice/opinions to this post as I find it helpful.