Monday, 23 September 2019

Invisible Ilnesses and the NHS/Healthcare Professionals

Hello! What an awful rainy grey day it is in London today. Yesterday I was unable to post, I'm trying to do it daily up the blog with quality content but if you'd have seen me yesterday, definitely NOT quality content.
Yesterday, for the fifth time in two months I was collected by an ambulance and taken to hospital. I was uncomfortable with my experience yesterday, every time before the paramedics have been very kind, this time I felt like the paramedic thought I was wasting her time. Basically, I called 111 b/c it was 7am, the dr won't be open until 8 and the other day they wouldn't give me an appointment, I was fobbed off with 'a nurse will call you', which never happened. The 111 talker knows whether or not I need an ambulance. I even apologised to the paramedic, I already think my condition, well other people definitely do, as 'not worthy'. Ummmm sorry but I haven't been able to hold down a job for 4 months now b/c of the pain and excessive bleeding, who are you to deem me as not worthy? Just because I'm not unconcious doesn't mean I'm not in absolute agony. I'd say the only time I'm not in severe pain nowadays is when I'm asleep. I don't feel at peace when I wake up anymore, don't get me wrong I feel blessed to wake up every morning, I'm very lucky in some ways but cursed in others.

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with M.E. Now I believe that was a misdiagnosis by my dr at the time, they prescribed me various anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-pain killers, I was a doped up state at 15. Home schooled by the state, in and out of hospital and eventually at 24, diagnosed with EDS. Ehlos dahnlos syndrome (sp?). Sums up all the symptoms I've experienced to A T. Now with eds and endo dealing with my day to day activities is getting more and more difficult. I wish this wasn't the case but I'm blessed to have such a kind partner who really looks out for me.

So yes, my point...hmm. Stand up for yourself. Know your worth. Know your condition, even if your medical professional knows half of it. Have a good day.

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