Monday, 16 September 2019

New Chapter

So hi. My name is Jasmine Cox (Elizabeth online but let's be real hurrr). I've been trying to come up with a solution to my lack of blogging inspiration for the last two years odd and I've always come up a bum note. I have no real reason ,I used to love blogging. Sharing with the fellow humans of the internet, what wasn't to love. I enjoy learning from other people too, I bonded with numerous bloggers over the years (special shoutout to Laura M, Megan who even came and stayed with me from the US on a nannyship). You can now get a better grasp seeing how serious this blogging lark is to me, I wasn't a very adventurous kid, I stayed out of trouble but I wasn't very sociable. Now as a free, 26year old lady, I can do what I want. Spend time working on projects of my choice is my greatest hobby, photography and filming, writing, exercise, etc. Anyway... my point. I went to a festival called Smallworld and a sweet lady in the communal shower area told me about SATURN RETURN. You should read up on it. I mean I'm 26 so it kinda doesn't totally apply to me but lately, I've felt very inspired to create and I know it's a great outlets for my current other issues. So yes, please accept me back in to the blogging community- I've missed it so. I'm planning new content, helping my friend create her own blog, food based posts, videos, etc etc. Lovin' life (ish).

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